The beauty of a Business Chaplain in your organization

An article I read recently stated two alarming facts about the workforce today:

  1. Statistics show that people’s jobs can contribute to workaholism, insomnia, and divorce.
  2. The average person spends more than 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work, and it affects their personal lives.

You know this.  You’ve seen great employees be derailed for less than workaholism, insomnia or divorce.  This article does not even mention the stresses of parents who die or sick children or spouses.  Truth is most of the issues that derail your employees started small.  Their spouse has a cold which turns out to be lung cancer, their child is admitted into the hospital with pneumonia, their parents are filing for divorce, they have to move suddenly because their landlord sold their house.  All of these things started small.  Most of the time your employee is taken back..surprised.  

Having a Business Chaplain on contract does not mean that you are supporting a specific religion or faith.  It doesn’t even mean you are telling them they have to believe in your God.  It does mean you are telling your employees they don’t have to deal with all the crazy on their own.  You are enabling them to be more than they are today.  To be a whole employee, capable of moving past the crazy.  In short, you are giving them the tools to be the best they can be while managing the stresses of work and home.  

That is the beauty of Business Chaplaincy in your organization.  It’s a moment, a smile, a consistent voice on hand available at a moment’s notice.