Reduce Turnover and Increase Efficiency in Your Organization

A few years ago, INC magazine came out with this article in which the following quote is shared: “This reality has changed what it is like to be an employer,” explains Cuban. “In the past, the default was that the best employees would want a long career with their employers, because that is what you […]

Business Chaplaincy is for everyone

When talking to business owners, there is an assumption that business chaplaincy is only for religious institutions. They assume that Business Chaplains will walk around with a bible in their hand, host bible studies, and publicly pray before a game or surgery. However, this is not the purpose of a Business Chaplain. Ask any of […]

The beauty of a Business Chaplain in your organization

Statistics show that people’s jobs can contribute to workaholism, insomnia, and divorce.The average person spends more than 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work, and it affects their personal lives.

Business Chaplaincy Fastest Growing Part of Businesses

American Chaplains Association in conjuction with Psychology Today says that Chaplaincy in the workplace is the fastest segment of the market. Chaplains are working with HR departments and EAP departments to change the culture in many businesses today. The reason is simple; Chaplains are non-threatening to the employer and the employees. Many factors outside the […]