Business Chaplaincy
For every $1 spent on Chaplaincy services, you average savings of $10 in direct employee costs.
Proactive support is we are all about
We meet people where they are and listen to them without judgment.
Chaplaincy for all your needs
Available 24x7 for critical incident, illness, accident, or just to talk

Business Chaplaincy

A growing number of company chaplains are supporting and counseling American workers, one desk at a time.

Our Experience

Since 1990, we have been partnering with businesses and clients to create long term solutions designed to improve the productivity and performance of your most important asset – YOUR PEOPLE

What you need to know:

Between 40% to 70% of your companies cost is direct labor cost. Given that significant single investment in human capital the maximization of that asset is vital to a healthy bottom line.

What Business Chaplaincy is:

Our Chaplaincy Service is NOT a “religious” endeavor. It is simply qualified professional people caring for people in times of need. A confidential resource for your employees to seek resources, assistance, and support because “Life just doesn’t happen 9-5.”

Our Mission

Proactive support is what our Chaplaincy program is all about.
We meet people where they are and listen to them without judgment. We are a listening ear for all issues in life. We work with your employees to bring them back to becoming a healthier and more productive member of your workforce.

How we serve you

  • Visit the company work-sites and get to know employees through brief discussions.
  • Available 24×7 to help deal with a critical incident, illness, accident, or if you just need to talk with someone.
  • We can and have officiated at funeral and memorial services as well as weddings and happier events.
  • We can also meet at a neutral site away from the workplace to discuss situations in a more private setting.