Reduce Turnover and Increase Efficiency in Your Organization

A few years ago, INC magazine came out with this article in which the following quote is shared:

“This reality has changed what it is like to be an employer,” explains Cuban. “In the past, the default was that the best employees would want a long career with their employers, because that is what you did. You kept your job as long as you could. No longer.”

Marc Cuban hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Your good employees aren’t looking to stay unless they feel valued and appreciated. Believe it or not, there is an easy way to not only reduce turnover but also improve efficiency in your organization. That is to bring in a Business Chaplain.

Before you make any judgments about just what a Business Chaplain does, you should know:

  • A Business Chaplain is not about any 1 specific religious organization.
  • They do not go into companies to preach or hold Bible studies.
  • They do not take the place of an HR director or an EAP program (if you have one).
  • Business Chaplains are merely a listening ear and a resource when employees have problems both on the job or at home.

Statistics show that around 25% of all employees have something going on which is holding them back from doing the best job they can do.
Since Business Chaplains are 3rd-party neutral, employees can share things with them and it remains confidential unless they are talking about harming themselves or others.

As a result of them knowing someone will listen, there is less absenteeism and turnover.

How a Great Business Chaplains Program Works

A great Business Chaplain program makes regular on-site visits pro-actively building positive relationships with management and individual employees. The frequency of these visits is determined by the employer. Individuals can be seen on-site or off-site depending on their needs.

Brochures and business cards are distributed to each employee with their Chaplain’s direct contact number, email address, and office number for 24-7 accessibility (as life does not happen just from 9 to 5). This helps the employees to feel we are not just a vendor but a part of the family with a listening ear.

All employees will be given the opportunity to sign a confidentiality sheet and they and the company have a copy for their protection. Everything is confidential with the following exceptions: if they are planning on hurting themselves or someone else, if there is child abuse involves, and if they are planning on sabotaging the company in any way.

The Business Chaplain will check in with management and the HR director periodically and give them general feedback and report any obvious issues such as deaths, hospitalization of any employee or close family members, and serious illnesses.

Quarterly reports will be provided to necessary company personnel, outlining the type of issues, number of issues, the results, and if the issues are open or closed.

Again, no names or departments are ever disclosed.

Who Should Hire a Business Chaplain

Any company that cares about its employees and wants to not only make a difference in them but show their appreciation to each and every member of the company.

Any company that struggles with turnover, retention, morale, quality, or efficiency.

When owners or CEOs bring in a Business Chaplain and present them to their staff they are making a commitment to the well-being of each and every person and it is appreciated by the employees more than anything.

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