Business Chaplaincy is for everyone

When talking to business owners, there is an assumption that business chaplaincy is only for religious institutions. They assume that Business Chaplains will walk around with a bible in their hand, host bible studies, and publicly pray before a game or surgery.

However, this is not the purpose of a Business Chaplain. Ask any of us and you will hear us talk about something called the ministry of presence.

Just what is that, you ask? It’s the ministry of letting your employees know that they have an advocate, someone who cares about them and someone who will be there for them when it feels like the walls are closing in or the floor feels like it is crumbling under your feet.

No one wants to need a chaplain but the truth is, every employee deals with things at some point that are overwhelming and distract us from our work.

A car dealership recently figured out some of the advantages of having a business chaplain on staff far exceeded their expectations. Take a look by clicking the link below: